The two-storey centre on Branyan Street in Bundaberg West has been purpose-built to accommodate an allied health centre on its ground level, with its own reception, consulting rooms, gymnasium and magnesium therapy pool.

“My vision is to provide a specialist-led approach to a holistic model of care that incorporates various allied health professionals in one location,” Dr Harrichund said. “Most doctors focus on one organ system and Precision will enable us to have an in-house capability for patients to see other specialists. So it may not be one particular health specialist, but a team that will look after that patient.”

“I want healthcare to be something that looks at the patient as a whole – with all the facets such as the psychological, physical, mental and spiritual side.” The second floor provides consulting suites for doctors, which are larger than other suites currently available in Bundaberg. “The space is for the comfort of the patient, but also for the treating doctor. If the doctor is calm, relaxed and feeling good, then the sort of care they’re able to extend to the patient will be that much superior,” Dr Harrichund said.

The philosophy behind Bundaberg’s newest healthcare facility is clear. Precision Healthcare Centre has been built to put the comfort of patients and treating doctors first, with a commitment to holistic and collaborative care.

Opened earlier this year by Physician and Endocrinologist Pretissha Harrichund, Precision aims to bridge the gap between what patients need and how they would like that care to be provided. “Delivering cutting edge medical care does not need to be scary and going to the doctor does not need to be something that creates stress and anxiety,” Dr Harrichund said.

“Precision is a place where a lot of thought has gone into all aspects – from the choice of colours to having plants and nature in the waiting rooms. Everything has been deliberately chosen so nothing about the centre is clinical in the traditional sense and is really reflective of a place of healing. The end product is that the person leaves the centre feeling better than when they arrived.”

Precision Healthcare Centre Opening Ceremony Speech

Let me start off with a bit of background to how and why I eventually came to create this amazing centre.

A few years ago, a series of events led me to really question a few things in my life and what was happening around me. This reflection and introspection led me to go back to the basics of what health, healing and being a Physician really meant.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) defines Health as “ the state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and Not merely the absence of disease and infirmity .”

Healing is defined as “the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.” Physician – “a person trained in the art of healing”

Conventional Medical training is heavily focussed on addressing Physical and Mental disease, so this led me to search further back to what we considered the origins of medicine. Hippocrates was a Greek Physician who is considered to be the father of Modern Medicine. Perhaps the most widely known Hippocratic quote says: “make a habit of 2 things: to help; or at least to do no harm”. Another one that is my favourite quote is: “it is more important to know what sort of PERSON has a disease, than to know what sort of DISEASE a person has “

My research led me to look at different cultures and how they practice healing. Many religions including Christianity, understand that there are 3 main types of healing: 1. Physical   2. Emotional   3. Spiritual

Most Ancient cultures including Aboriginal, Chinese and Indian / Ayurvedic medical practices incorporate all these approaches.

So, armed with this different understanding, I realised that conventional medical practice and education, for me, seemed to fall short of the original intention for health and healing.

This realisation left me in a quandary because once I realised this, it became absolutely unbearable to stick with the status quo.

I started exploring ways for me to accomplish practicing this different model of care in the establishments where I found myself working at the time but challenging any well entrenched system as a standalone individual, let alone when you are a single mother and only parent to 2 young boys, is nigh impossible.

But something inside me said “Keep going – you’re not done yet. There’s still work to be done”

At that time, I was fortunate enough to secure this property with the help of an amazing real estate agent Heather Galley of McColms Real Estate. There was a charming but decrepit Queenslander on this block. I was initially just going to renovate it for use as a solo practitioner. But again, I was reminded of what my intentions were- which was simply to heal people. This meant that I had to find a way to help people in ways that extended beyond just what my skillset could offer.

I then started down the gauntlet of council applications for Material change of use of this residential block to be used commercially. Geoff Campbell and Nathan Freeman from Insite SJC very efficient in helping me navigate these.

I was then also put in touch with Mat Shephard of Design Direct who patiently listened to my crazy vision and put together this stellar plan to house that vision.

I then had to convince a bank to fund this fantastic pie in the sky with very little financial surety to offer in return. I have the support of a genius accountant Brad Walker, who saw me through many trials and tribulations.

There were many obstacles along the way, and Mat and I had to make a number of changes and adjustments in course…, and there was a harrowing time when it seemed like the project would not go ahead at all!

Then someone said to me “Build it and they will come “, and one of my patients said “ Bite off more than you can chew , and chew like hell!”

This brought me into contact with Master Builder Jeff Lennox. He has brought Mat’s designs to life and created a solid platform for my vision.

This form serves as the basis for the genesis of Precision Healthcare which is aimed with laser focus at providing individualised management plans to address each unique set of patient circumstances to achieve the goal of healing by working in a multidisciplinary fashion to achieve this goal.

Everything about the centre, every last detail has been meticulously thought of and created to achieve a seamlessly positive patient experience.

My logo is called the Sri Yantra which incorporates my Indian heritage. It is a sacred Geometric pattern, masala or plan. A yantra literally means “a machine” derived from Ancient Sanskrit. It is a very sophisticated and complicated mathematical construct that has 9 intersecting triangles meeting in a central dot or Bindi that represents the cosmos. So, with this machine, we can therefore promote holistic healing by creating a bridge between the earthly physical with the metaphysical or spiritual dimension of final enlightenment. In 1989, a Russian neuroscientist published an article looking at how gazing at the Sri Yantra would affect healing. Using EEG, he found that it seems to have meditative qualities.

With my goal being to heal people, by having this as my logo, their healing already begins even prior to consulting me, just by looking at the logo.

Leah Sullivan at Lush Graphix was the Graphic designer who put this extraordinary logo design together for me.

I would like to attract likeminded specialists and Allied Health Professionals to Bundaberg to serve out community. Level 1 of the building has consult rooms for specialists. The Ground Floor is dedicated to Allied Health.

I dedicate this centre to the 2 people who brought me into this world and loved me, My parents Sonny and Sheila…, and to the 2 people I have brought into this world and love with all that I am, My two sons Karan and Arjun.

Dr Pretissha Harrichund

Practice Manager
Tanja - Practice Manager

Natalie - Reception


Jess - Reception

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